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Chidi Koldsweat

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries

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Focus Areas

Economic Empowerment
Governance & Policy Reform
Social Entrepreneurship

Chidi Koldsweat is the Founder and CEO of Donors for Africa Foundation, an international development organization that works actively with stakeholders to connect change leaders and impact investors to development opportunities across Africa, helping to break cycles of poverty. Leveraging the expertise of leading development leaders, she has invested over 5,464 hours of training in over 5000 social impact organizations, with some raising over $30M in direct and indirect funding, and reaching over 51,000 individual accounts.

She holds a master’s degree in Public Affairs and International Relations, has served in different leadership capacities, and has been featured in leading global publications.

“As a visionary leader, I aspire to democratize giving so that everyone becomes part of the solution to the Sustainable Development Goals and to create long-term solutions that improve the lives of Africans through policy formulation, strategy, and implementation.”