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Charaya Bennett

2023 Fellow

CEO, The Smoothie Queen

Charaya Bennett
United States of America

Charaya is the CEO of The Smoothie Queen where her responsibilities consist of paying for the brick-and-mortar, getting supplies, labels, inventory, fruit, management and so much more. The Smoothie Queen’s mission is “to aid in the transition and development of a healthier lifestyle by creating fresh and customized meal replacements and detox smoothies”. They offer all-natural smoothies without preservatives, as well as detox’s, meal replacements, and sip and cleanses. All of their smoothies last up to 10 days in the freezer and three days on the shelves in the fridge. They also have keto and vegan smoothies, as well. A major way the business is serving the community and giving back is through coat drives, toy drives, pop-up shops, and much more. The biggest milestone for Charaya is being able to provide better beverage options and helping her family first. The Smoothie Queen will always be known as the place where only the freshest fruits survive! What drives Charya is being able to have a product that helps others and gives them the best beverage options. Charaya holds a degree in criminal justice. She believes the greatest thing about The Smooth Queen’s smoothies are you don’t have to say a thing, it’s the taste that speaks for itself!

What Charaya can offer other fellows:

Charaya can offer her time, skills, and knowledge.

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