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Chandrika Tamang

2023 Fellow

Founder/Designer, CDK

Thimphu, Bhutan

Chandrika Tamang is a self-taught sustainable fashion designer and a social entrepreneur who is determined to empower home-based women, especially single mothers. Her company, CDK, preserves and promotes the art of weaving through circular design and economic value. She runs CDK with a strong belief that “less is more.”

With learning and experimenting, the brand is a reflection of herself. She likes to focus more on a sense of ease and a slower, thoughtful way of life. Her business model incorporates zero-waste designs, hand-stitched details, and using recycled materials to create accessories. CDK creates simple, functional, meaningful clothing and home textiles, which have vast social and cultural impact.

After resigning from her bank job as an IT Officer, she started designing as a hobby in 2016. In 2017 Chandrika won the Women Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Ministry of Trade in Bhutan. In 2019, she was sponsored for a short course in entrepreneurship at Queensland University of Technology in Australia.