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Catherine Nakhabi Omanyo

2023 Fellow

Member of Parliament, Kenya

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Growing up in Busia, Kenya, Catherine Nakhabi Omanyo encountered many bottlenecks in life. She was raised by a single poor mother working as a nanny, sneaking to school to afford an education, and pleading with teachers to sit for exams without paying fees. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery, better living, and fulfillment. Her turning point in life was when she embarked on a vision to deliver children from poverty and other social-economic injustices in third-world countries. Her rural home is a home for poor children, orphans, and those with HIV. Catherine fight for the rights of women and orphaned children especially on the inheritance of property. She organizes campaigns on HIV awareness mainly targeting youth and women whose risk exposure is in rural areas and offers free education through Imprezza Academy for children whose parents are HIV+ and can’t afford school fees. Catherine is positioning herself to develop her community with greater zeal, setting up her projects and engagements to have a global identity.