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Carolina Soihet Cohen

2022 Fellow


Carolina Cohen Headshot.jpg

Colabore com o Futuro is the first social advocacy business in Latin America that mobilizes society to participate in health decisions with the government, creating more democratic, fair and effective public policies in a transparent and sustainable manner. Colabore is one of the 1,200 companies in Brazil that collaborate with the UN’s SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals, and since its foundation in 2017 has changed the lives of more than 12 million Brazilians, expanding access to health and quality of life for patients in the country. 

Cohen has a deep knowledge of the third sector and in creating strategies for social and political engagement of civil society in health decision-making processes in Brazil. She worked for 8 years as director of one of the most reputable cancer NGOs in Latin America, and also worked in large companies such as Ambev and Peugeot, where she acquired important knowledge in management and processes. 

Cohen was elected as one of the six most admired entrepreneurs and innovators in health through a popular vote promoted by the Health Innova Hub. She has a Social Communication degree, a graduate degree in Graphic Design, and an MBA in Marketing at FGV. 

I want to be a visionary leader that promotes positive transformations in democracy and public policies, guaranteeing wider participation of society in government decisions so that my baby girl and other children can live in a fairer, safer, and more welcoming world.