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Camila Crescimbeni

2022 Fellow

National Deputy for the Province of Buenos Aires

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Camila Crescimbeni is a political scientist, professor and politician from Argentina. She is currently one of the youngest Members of National Parliament in Argentina, representing the Province of Buenos Aires, and is a leading member of the PRO (Propuesta Republicana Party) at the national level. Previously she was President of the National Youth Wing of PRO Party. Between 2015 and 2019 she was Director at the National Youth Institute (INJUVE) and she was elected Councilwoman in Almirante Brown, Province of Buenos Aires at age 27.

She was awarded 100 Future Leaders by Apolitical, Leader of Tomorrow by St Gallen and Young leaders scholar by Fulbright. She teaches Social Contemporary Issues at University of Almirante Brown (UNAB) and was professor of Contemporary Political Science at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) between 2012 and 2017. Camila got her Political Science Degree with Honors at Universidad de Buenos Aires, after being a scholar at Washington and Lee University and Université Jean Moulin Lyon III.

As a politician, she is focused on continuing to work on issues of Social Development; Environment and Sustainable Development; Education and Labor Market for Youth, Childhood rights and Gender and Equality, among others. She is the author of the “Yolanda Act”, her first law that was passed, which promotes training in sustainable development to all public officers of the Argentine state in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers of government.