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Brit Lashae

2023 Fellow

Book-Writing Coach and Founder, Journey Written

Brit Johnson Resized
United States of America

Brit Lashae is an Author & Book-Writing Coach. She provides Book-Writing Coaching for women ready to share and write their stories and testimony into a published book. Her mission is to empower women to write their stories and celebrate their self-growth and healing by helping them write with ease, individuality, and creativity to create a reader experience that’s unmatched. Brit Lashae is creating a positive social impact in the community by amplifying women’s stories through books which allows the writer to not only share her story & testimony but also the exact process and framework of her journey. This provides transformation and a roadmap for other women to be encouraged and share their stories. Brit Lashae is a big advocate for overall mental wellness & healing, and has always told people that their story mattered, and if it was worth living then why not make it worth telling. She has a passion for letting women know that their story is worth being TOLD!

What Brit can offer other fellows:

Brit can support other program participants by providing her

knowledge of self-care, balance, and e-commerce skills.

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