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Brisa Arroyo

2023 Fellow

Voices That Inspire

Brisa Arroyo_Pic (1)

Brisa is pursuing a degree in Economics with a concentration on Public Policy at the University of the Pacific in Peru. She is the co-founder of ALIADAS, an organization that provides Peruvian teenage girls in vulnerable situations with the necessary tools to enhance their leadership, soft skills and professional opportunities.  

Brisa is passionate about contributing to closing the gender gap in her country and improving Peru’s public policy system. To this end, Brisa works, in collaboration with multilateral organizations and entities within the Peruvian government, to create investment-based projects and public policies. She is also part of Impacta – Jóvenes por la Gestión Pública (Impact- Youth for Public Management) and Hacedoras, where she promotes young talent and female participation in public policy and Peruvian and Latin American politics.