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Bisi MacGregor

2023 Fellow

Certified Life Coach and Trainer, Fear2Freedom LLC

Bisi Macgregor
United States of America

Bisi MacGregor is an expert in mastering and transcending internal fears, an award-winning international speaker, and a results-focused facilitator. She has over two decades of experience in Corporate Finance. She is the founder of Fear2Freedom LLC which offers a range of services, including training, group coaching, and private mentoring and coaching. Fear2Freedom LLC is on a mission to lead 10,000 women in the Liberated Woman Movement by 2028 with a focus on increasing women in leadership positions and providing robust education on critical life and soft skills for full self-expression. American-born to Nigerian parents, Bisi’s multicultural background allows her to connect deeply with her clients. She holds a B.A. in Economics, an MBA, and certifications as a Certified Fearless Living Coach and a Certified Fearless Trainer. Bisi enjoys nature walks, traveling, hosting brunch events, and playing auntie to one of her eight nieces and nephews.

What Bisi can offer other fellows:

She can support other fellows by sharing her expertise, skills, negotiation tactics, and interior design principles.

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