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Binui Belinda Ngu

2017 Fellow

Magistrate and Prosecutor, Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy


Binui Belinda Ngu is a Magistrate by profession and works as Deputy State Counsel (DA)/Prosecutor. Her job entails entertaining complaints from victims of offences and forwarding some to judicial police units for investigations. She also directs and controls these investigations. Prior to joining the magistracy core, she served as Administrative Personnel of the Regional Delegation of Public Health – Cameroon.

Ms. Ngu has five years of experience prosecuting offences related to human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual offences. She is a member of the North West Regional Task Force for the Fight against Human Trafficking- Cameroon. In this role, she oversees the task force’s programs, offers free legal services to communities through legal clinics and workshops and carries out sensitization programs on social media and radio broadcasts. Ms. Ngu also volunteers as Legal Adviser at the Centre for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy (CHRAPA), where she supports human rights and trafficking in persons (TIP) programs and trains stakeholders involved in the fight against human trafficking on legal instruments governing human trafficking and techniques for identifying and preventing trafficking in persons. She has set up vigilante groups in five communities within her region to facilitate the identification of traffickers. Ms. Ngu has been a guest speaker at numerous national training seminars on human trafficking and gender-based violence.