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Biljana Dakic Dordevic

2017 Fellow


“I believe that civil society needs to develop a stronger advocacy role in representing the needs of real citizens, especially the most vulnerable groups in society. I want to strengthen their voices and make them heard. My personal vision is to build a society, brick by brick, based on love, solidarity and respect for one another.”

Biljana Dakic Dordevic believes that progress starts local. She started working in civil society when Serbia began its prolonged transition to peace. The environment keeps shifting, but one thing stays constant: her belief that investing in local communities is the surest way to achieve progress on the national level.

As executive director of Trag Foundation, Biljana supports grassroots activism throughout Serbia. Her goal is to encourage ordinary citizens to take an active role in creating a more open, equitable society. Through Trag, the only foundation in Serbia that offers grants directly to local communities, she gives people the tools they need to make a difference.