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Besa Ismaili Ahmeti

2022 Fellow

Professor of English and Former Member of Kosovo Parliament


Besa Ismaili is a professor of English and a former Member of Parliament in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. She worked for many years for various international organizations in Kosovo. Her research and publications focus on politics, society, women and religions matters in Kosovo and the Western Balkans, which are also part of her doctoral degree. Besa is known for her activism on women’s issues and has been a prominent voice for empowerment and against discrimination, exclusion and marginalization.

An important part of her work has been related to post war society, working with victims, countering violent extremism, survivors of sexual violence during the war, reconciliation and memory. These issues have been also part of her political agenda and activism. Besa speaks six languages. She has been awarded internationally on several occasions for her contributions in peacebuilding and dialogue. She a mother of three and lives and works in Kosovo.