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Beatriz Cricci

2018 Fellow

Founder & CEO BR Goods Confeccao Ltda ME

Beatriz (7)

Beatriz is the founder and CEO of BR Goods Confeccao, a company that manufacture curtains, handrails, wall protection system and corners. Beatriz’s story began in 2001 when she made shower curtains on the floor of her apartment and sold to her friends. Soon she started to sell also to stores and hotels. Subsequently, a large hospital asked her to develop cubicle curtain and in 2016, window curtain. As of today, with a portfolio over 1,500 clients in all states of Brazil through a network of 30 representatives, exporting to over 10 countries, the company has 22 employees and certificates of ISO 9.001, 14.001 and 18.001 and recently, the Carbon Footprint Certification. For BR Goods, speak the truth and be consistent with the conduct is an obligation that must govern human life, raising their principles and values. They do what was provided with knowledge and honesty, and fulfilled what they proposed. They understand the needs of clients and enhance the personal and professional development. They respect the rules established by BR Goods in its code of ethics and maintain the confidentiality of information. Currently, they have seven lines of products, including shower curtain, cubicle curtain, window curtain, handrail, wall protection system, wall cover and corner. They manufacture and install these products. There are two major differences in their products‚Äîthey all have nanotechnology of flame retardant, and they are anti-fungal and antimicrobial, or in the case of shower curtains they have water and oil repellency. Last month, Beatriz also launched a disposable curtains made of green polyethylene, the raw material comes from a renewable source (sugar cane), and it is also recyclable. The leadership vision for BR Goods in 5 year is to become a national reference in the sale and installation of curtains and protection system, and become a B Corp. BR Goods wants to become a world reference in the sale and installation of curtains and protection system. They will always have products developed with quality and sustainability in mind. Beatriz is also the Director of the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo (FIESP), which works with the Department of Micro, Small and Medium Industry (DEMPI). She is also a collaborator of the Parliamentary Front of Entrepreneurship. Her areas of expertise include strategy and marketing. She holds a degree in Economics from Mackenzie Presbyterian University and has Industrial Administration for Small and Medium Industry through the Foundation Administration Institute.

What Beatriz hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Beatriz hopes to increase her knowledge on how to lead a business to growth through using a growth strategy, improving team focus and how to interact with competitors. She also hopes to learn how to increase the visibility of both her business and herself in the media. Beatriz would also like to learn more about how fellows do business within their countries, the challenges they have experienced and how they overcame them.

What Beatriz can offer other fellows: Beatriz can offer to share her experiences, including overcoming challenges and increasing business resilience. She can also connect fellows to her network in Brazil for business opportunities.

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Beatriz was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.