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Beatrice Titanji

2017 Fellow

Beatrice Titanji Blog Photo 2014

“Our approach to gender-based violence is unique. We created an awareness campaign for young women. We inform them of their rights and empower them to create a better future. For the first time, older women are bringing young women to the forefront of the community to discuss these issues.”

Beatrice Titanji will tell you that Nkumu Fed-Fed means “gathering of sisters.” She’s an English professor who joined the women’s group over 20 years ago. Nkumu Fed-Fed finds ways to improve the lives of vulnerable women and young people. Today, Beatrice is the NGO’s national vice president.

It’s her mission to protect every girl’s right to an education. But high rates of violence against women – especially labor and sex trafficking – are a constant threat. So Beatrice educates girls about their human rights and gives them a platform to voice their ideas. She’s mentoring young women and inspiring them to take leadership roles from an early age.