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Barbara Oliveira

2017 Fellow

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Ecosynergy • Brazil

Barbara Oliveira is a host of meaningful conversations and facilitator of social change processes, a conflict transformation mediator, strategic negotiator, and Master coach. Barbara is passionate about human connection and the potential that multi-stakeholder participatory approaches offer to create innovative, inclusive and durable solutions for sustainable development challenges. Throughout her career, she created the capacity for collaborative decision-making among over 2,000 leaders worldwide on issues of climate change, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and forestry, clean energy futures, sustainable mining and company-community relations. Barbara is a renowned expert in achieving results in complex environments, using systemic approaches such as Theory U, Appreciative Enquiry, Deep Democracy and the Thinking Environment, and Mutual Gains negotiations/mediation. Barbara dedicates her energy and skills in service to life, assisting others in their search of value-based living, deeper connections, and creative expression. She co-founded the Collaboration Laboratory to foster a culture of facilitation and participatory decision-making in Brazil, and founded Ecosynergy – Facilitation and Capacity Building for Sustainability to support NGOs, businesses, governments, international organizations and academia in their initiatives to become more integrated, collaborative and better engaged with their stakeholders in Brazil and abroad. Having trained as a lawyer, she has a BA, LLM and PhD in Law and an MBA in Responsible Leadership.