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Baiqu Gonkar

2017 Fellow

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United Kingdom

Art Represent • United Kingdom

Baiqu Gonkar was born in Tibet and moved to London as an asylum seeker at the age of 10. She completed her secondary school education in the inner city before receiving a scholarship to attend the United World Colleges in Wales. She went on to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Warwick. After graduating from university, Baiqu went on to study Chinese at Peking University and worked in the art industry in Beijing for several years before moving back to London to dive into the startup scene. Baiqu has had a cross-disciplinary career, moving from communications to business development, to tech startups, and finally starting her own social enterprise. Her early exposure to an international community and her experiences as a refugee have shaped her to believe that mutual understanding is the first step to resolving conflict and prejudice. She is therefore committed to finding innovative methods to foster social cohesion through representation and dialogue.