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Ayo Femi-Osinubi

2023 Fellow

VV Visionaries

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Focus Areas

Governance & Policy Reform
Grassroots & Social Reform

Ayo Femi-Osinubi is planning to launch an advocacy group and an online learning platform to promote Yorùbá culture and language. She seeks to raise awareness of the reforms necessary for a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous nation. She hopes to connect more Yorùbá women with other leaders to encourage female participation in governance and social reforms.

Dr. Femi-Osinubi has worked with many grassroots and non-profit organizations including Nigerian Christian of Medical and Dental Students and Yorùbá Diaspora Groups. Dr. Femi-Osinubi holds a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery from the University of Lagos.

“As a visionary leader, I intend to build a firm foundation to make our world a better place.”