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Astrid Adjuah Cleare

2023 Fellow

Project Manager, Agriculture and Applied Sciences Consultants (AASC)

Adjuah Cleare
The Bahamas

Astrid Adjuah Cleare is a director and project coordinator at Agriculture and Applies Sciences Consultants (AASC) and acts as the head administrator and consultant in her fields of expertise of project management, grant writing, event planning, coordination, and fundraising. She is a multidisciplined agriculture and project management professional. AASC’s vision is to develop an industry-leading, agriculture and applied sciences professional consultancy firm that minimizes the knowledge gap in the local research industry. The company offers a range of professional services including consulting services, grant writing, proposal writing, business plans, research project management, and project planning/organization. AASC offers its suite of services to government organizations, non-profit organizations, private individuals and firms, agricultural producers/entrepreneurs, and international organizations. Astrid has a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant and Soil Science from Tuskegee University and is a Certified Associate in Projects Management (CAPM). Astrid has a wealth of experience working on projects for local agencies such as the University of The Bahamas and Access Accelerator, Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) Bahamas. She has also worked for international agencies such as the Inter-American Institute for Corporation on Agriculture (IICA). She has two sons and loves flowers, reading, art, and crafting.

What Astrid can offer other fellows:

Astrid can support other fellows by sharing training and development opportunities for the Caribbean region and The Bahamas.

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