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Arielle Kayabaga

2024 Fellow

Member of Parliament - House of Commons Canada


Arielle Kayabaga is a passionate community leader and the first Black woman ever elected as Member of Parliament in London and to London City Council, where she received both the Municipal World Award and the Pillar Community Leadership Award for her work in building a more equitable London. Recently, Arielle was selected as a 2023 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and honoured as Politician of the Year by One Young World.

Arielle and her family left Burundi amid civil war, and she experienced first-hand the challenges newcomers face in dealing with insecure housing and precarious employment in an unfamiliar place. Arielle is passionate about helping new Canadians get settled in this country and have access to the necessary resources to ease the transition. Arielle earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Carleton University. After completing her degree, she gained experience in government while working for the Liberal Research Bureau on Parliament Hill. In Ottawa, Arielle passed a Private Members’ Motion that amended the federal framework on housing to improve access to affordable housing for individuals with non-visible disabilities. Arielle is also the current Co-Chair of the Global Cooperation Caucus, and the Chair of Liberal Black Caucus.

Arielle’s experiences inspired her to become a vocal champion for the people in her community. She is particularly focused on homelessness prevention, civic engagement, and inclusive communities. In her work, Arielle has successfully advocated on global food security, women’s health, global economic and social development, and providing humanitarian assistance to nations and people in need. She has engaged in bilateral meetings with various countries, ensuring that Canada continues to have strong relationships with key allies.

As a single mother, Member of Parliament, and community activist, Arielle embodies the qualities of a new type of political leader: progressive, resilient, and optimistic. She is working hard to continue bringing positive change to London West and is committed to representing marginalized voices in her community.