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Anne Eraplackal

2022 Fellow

Program Lead at Raabta - Voyage Educare Foundation

Anne Eraplackal_Headshot

Anne is an educator with a passion for discovering and providing access to quality education to the remotest communities. Anne’s approach to taking on new challenges is to go forth with an abundance of research and planning.

Anne has a degree in journalism, but realized that news writing wasn’t something she wanted to pursue longterm. Thus, during her final year in college, she volunteered with Teach for India in Dharavi, Mumbai, where she identified her passion for teaching. Right after college, she joined the fellowship in Pune and taught kids through one year of in-person classes and one year of online classes. Through the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, Anne and her team worked to provide access and support to her students in any way possible. After the fellowship, she received an opportunity to the Voyage Educare Foundation as a Training and Impact Associate. The organization runs a school transformation program and she was in charge of designing the program’s first training
across several geographies.

Through the years, Anne has learned and progressed throughout the organization and is currently leading a team of managers in three key geographies as the Program Lead. Through her years, she’s learned about managing teams, setting organizational culture, coaching school leaders and teachers, and analyzing data.