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Annah Shiri

2023 Fellow

President, National Council of Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe


Annah Shiri is a woman with a disability, currently serving as the president of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities in Zimbabwe, a multi-award-winning disability champion, philanthropist, farmer, teacher, and politician. She is the former Senator representing persons with disabilities in the Zimbabwean Senate. Annah Shiri has a wealth of vast experience in leadership with undisputed experience in both public and private sectors notwithstanding working with diverse disability constituencies nationally, regionally, and internationally. She participated in the Constitution-making process in Zimbabwe and pan – African Parliament. During her tenure in office, she participated in the UNCRPD conference at the UN headquarters in New York and advocated for inclusive accessible tourism in Nepal. She is a candid and seasoned human and disability rights champion in her own right. Recently she participated in the World Women ‘s Assembly for women with disabilities in South Korea. She has a keen eye for changing the lives of persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe. In that regard, she has helped many women and youth in developing and running self-help projects. Her joy is to ensure that there is inclusive development in all facets of life.