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Marjorie Angella Atuhurra

2021 Fellow

Founder, Gejja Women Foundation

VVGrow Fellow 2021
Mpigi,, Uganda

Marjorie is the Founder of the Gejja Women Foundation, a community-based women’s cooperative dedicated to holistically empowering marginalized women and girls in rural Uganda through business development, educational support, training in sexual and reproductive health, and gender mainstreaming. Marjorie believes that economic, educational, and social empowerment are fundamental drivers of change and has designed the Gejja Women Foundation’s programs around those objectives. Through the Foundation’s economic empowerment programs, women in rural Uganda are able to start their own businesses and participate in existing markets through access to professional training and productive resources. Educational empowerment programs pay for school fees and other necessities for marginalized women in order to help them complete their education. Social empowerment programs engage both men and women in the community on the importance of equal rights and opportunities. The Gejja Women Foundation also promotes health and hygiene through menstrual hygiene campaigns that discuss sexual and reproductive health, early pregnancies, and sexual transmittable diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Marjorie received a Diploma in Education from Kyambogo University in 2014 and envisions a generation of well-educated, economically independent, and self-determined women and girls in rural Uganda.