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Angelica Rubio

2021 Fellow

New Mexico State Representative, New Mexico State Legislature

VVEngage 2021
United States

Angelica Rubio is a Representative in the New Mexico State Legislature. She was born and raised in rural southeastern New Mexico and is the youngest daughter of Mexican immigrants. Angelica grew up with a deep working knowledge of the power found in numbers, as well as a flair for making her case.

In 2016, Angelica won a seat in the New Mexico State Legislature, where she now serves–focusing on policy that centers disproportionately impacted communities by extractive industries and working towards a more sustainable economy for New Mexico. Angelica is also a champion for equitable outdoor recreation that not only benefits younger New Mexicans but also a new generation of stewards of our lands. Since 2018, Angelica has ridden her bicycle to the State Capitol, to raise awareness on the disconnect between the state capitol and the rest of the state. When Angelica is not organizing and working on issues of justice, you can find her at home hanging with her dog, Yoko, or riding her bike along the dry ditch banks of the desert in Do√±a Ana County and beyond.