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Ángela Chiquin Chitay

2023 Fellow

Voices That Inspire

Ángela Lucrecia Chiquin Chitay_pic (1)

Angela is a talented Guatemalan who is currently pursuing a degree in Engineering at San Carols University in Guatemala. She is passionate about empowering women and girls in her community and has developed an extraordinary project called Kemok. Through Kemok, Angela empowers women and girls in the art of weaving, helping them to realize their dreams and aspirations. 

Angela has gained significant recognition for her work. She has received awards from several prestigious organizations such as the World Health Awards, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), and prominent film festivals where her short films about the indigenous community have been featured. Angela’s commitment to representing her indigenous community and shedding light on their rich culture and heritage is truly commendable. By providing them with the necessary knowledge, training, and support, she makes it possible for these indigenous girls and women to improve their economic situation and empower themselves personally and professionally. Through Kemok, Angela not only preserves the traditional art of weaving but also fosters economic growth in her community. Angela’s unwavering determination to create a better future for her community is a testament to her remarkable character and her ability to make a lasting difference.