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Anabela Marcos

2018 Fellow

Gestão Profissional General Manager and Founder

Anabela (2)

Anabela Marcos is the General Manager and Founder of Gest√£o Profissional in Angola, which offers career development services to professionals to enhance their chances of being absorbed by the market. Anabela founded Gest√£o Profissional after a 10 year career in Human Resources. Gest√£o Profissional provides companies and individuals with consulting services, career guidance and recruitment & selection. They offer services to support professionals in the identification of goals and objectives with the objective of enabling the professional to achieve better performance and results. They also provide career transition support, people management consulting in order to help a client identify problems and opportunities, trainings focused on professional development and recruitment & selection support with vetting/reference checks and orientation. Among their consulting services Gest√£o Profissional provides specific support for projects such as end to end HR system establishment and event management for workshops and networking events. In addition to these core services, Gest√£o Profissional has launched the Gest√£o Profissional Talents Club, a program designed to provide professional development and facilitate the process of recruitment and selection through a database her company has developed. Through Gest√£o Profissional, Anabela is actively contributing to the development of young professionals in the country through guidance to facilitate the process of seeking employment for candidates and the search for talent by companies. They aim to revolutionize the process of finding talent in the country through the Talent Club. This model diminishes the competitive way companies sought candidates, and make it easier to meet professionals and companies in the recruitment process. Anabela’s areas of expertise include human resources, people management, leadership, career management, coaching recruitment & selection and head hunting. She has received a Master in Social Psychology from Feeral University Fluminense, a degree in Psychology from University of the State of Rio De Janeiro, Post-Graduation in Administration from University Veiga De Almeida and has completed the YALI Program through Northwestern University. What Anabela hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Anabela hopes to develop her management knowledge, in particular with finance and commercial to ensure improved business controls and development. What Anabela can offer other fellows: Anabela could offer mentoring or support with her area of expertise (HR). She can also offer her contacts in Angola for those interested in connecting to the country. She can also share her expertise in topics such as people management and team development. Anabela is looking forward to passing on her knowledge and learning from fellows, including hearing and learning from the life stories and lessons of entrepreneurs.

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Anabela was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.