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Aminatou Traoré

2023 Fellow

Founder and Creative Director, Kashea

Aminatou Traore

Aminatou Traoré is a social entrepreneur who works in the beauty sector with shea products. She is the founder and creative director of the Kashea brand, a social enterprise working in collaboration with rural women’s cooperatives to develop natural beauty products. The company, Titan Cosmetics, offers beauty products through the Kashea brand, and services linked to the supply of shea butter and almonds with the mission of increasing incomes and contributing to the empowerment of women. These services make it possible to contribute to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1, by working on the reduction of poverty, particularly in rural areas; SDG 5, through the empowerment of women to ensure gender equality; and SDG 8 by providing opportunities for young people through their value chain. Aminatou is a member of WomenTech Mali, an association of women in ICT, and a member of the Mali Startup association. Aminatou is an alum of YALI Dakar session 14 with Business Entrepreneurship and TEF-PNUD Alumni Mali 2020. She is one of 150 young people chosen by the African Union and AETRDE Group to participate in IATF 2021 and part of the third winning team of the IATF Youth Hackathon. She was a participant in the World Youth Forum in Egypt and one of the Honorees Prizes of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Aminatou combines her background in the field of market studies and agriculture as a youth integration officer and BOP marketing officer on the Dutch 2SCALE program. Currently, she is a United Nations volunteer as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. Aminatou is a dynamic young woman who is passionate about community development and social impact particularly related to women.

What Aminatou can offer other fellows:

Aminatou can offer her knowledge in market studies, monitoring, and evaluation. She can support women as leaders and learn from them, as well as share her experience in the shea sector, in particular the field of African agriculture.

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