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Amina Ahmady

2023 Fellow

Owner, Sweet Almond

Amina Ahmady Updated

Amina Ahmady is the CEO of Afghan dried fruits and Sweet Almond, both of which are registered in Albania and Afghanistan. Agriculture is the main occupation for resource-poor people and often is the engine of growth and poverty reduction, especially in underdeveloped countries. In Afghanistan and Albania, women make essential contributions to agricultural and rural economies and are therefore at the center of both of Amina’s businesses. Afghan dried fruits and Sweet Almond collects fresh fruits and dried fruits primarily from women farmers and sorts and packages the items. These items are made to order. The dried fruits are 100% organic and meet 100% of the world’s standards. Ms. Ahmady has a master’s degree in Management and Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Economics. She received a one-year certificate from Innovation Democracy Afghanistan as an Innovative Entrepreneurship. She is a 2022 alumna of VVVEngage, a Vital Voices Global Partnership program. Currently, she is working in project management at the Toronto Metropolitan University of Canada. Through the VV GROW Fellowship, Amina hopes to improve her international business and communication skills and establish a global business. Above all, Amina wants to make an international brand of her country’s dried fruits. 

What Amina can offer other fellows: 

Amina can offer her knowledge and experience in finance, tax, customs, and management.  

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