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Amel Bouchamaoui Hammami

2017 Fellow


“I try to make women visible. My role after the revolution is to try to influence policymakers to create more active roles for women in Tunisia. I hope Tunisian women will be a model for change in other countries.

When Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution kicked off the Arab Spring, Amel Bouchamaoui Hammami was ready to get to work. An entrepreneur and civic leader, she’s spent her life creating opportunities for women’s leadership. Amel has a talent for building networks that connect businesswomen who share a common purpose: driving social progress through economic empowerment.

As democracy takes root, she’s working hard to expand women’s role in every sector. Amel currently chairs the Tunisian board of Partners for a New Beginning – North Africa Partnership for Economic Opportunity. Through this regional initiative, Amel promotes women entrepreneurs and helps develop their skills, preparing them for leadership not only in business, but also in government and civil society.