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Amber Swenor

2018 Fellow

Founder & Brand Strategist Strategic Partners Marketing

Amber (1)
United States

Amber Swenor is the Founder and Brand Strategist for Strategic Partners Marketing. Her business is a marketing firm that partners with small-medium businesses as their outsourced marketing departments. They provide consultation, marketing plan development and implementation services that includes web design, content, social media management, media buying, PR, digital marketing and graphic design. Marketing today is no longer a 1-person job, and yet, small businesses don’t have the resources to hire for all of the positions in house. Amber’s business offers the solution of access to a full team of marketing experts. They empower clients in their marketing by offering access to the knowledge and resources they need to get results. They offer their services on a retainer basis as well as for projects. Amber also provides consulting, training, workshops, speaking and online services. Her company offers ad agency services, brand strategy consultation, media planning, media buying, PR, social media, web design, content writing and digital marketing. Strategic Partners Marketing seeks to offer practical solutions by being an outsourced marketing department for clients, offering clients a monthly retainer to get access to a number of services, where other agencies tend to stick with the hourly billing model. Amber’s primary areas of expertise include brand messaging, brand strategy, PR, marketing and sales.

What Amber hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: She is interested in learning about how to grow to its next phase, specifically focusing on developing the systems and processes to make the business able to ‚Äòrun without her’.

What Amber can offer other fellows: She can offer to share her knowledge of marketing and how to build a brand, as well as her experiences overcoming challenges.

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Amber was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.