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Alondra Fraustro

2021 Fellow

Voices that Inspire Fellow

Alondra Fraustro Headshot

Alondra Fraustro is a young scientist and entrepreneur, originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, México; she graduated as a Bacteriologist and Parasitologist Chemist from the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the Autonomus University of Nuevo León (UANL). Currently, she is a Scientific Communicator and Environmental Educator, and founder of Ciencia Mágica, where she shares scientific knowledge by giving conference courses and workshops to educate people and promote care for the environment. She has been recognized as a Hero of the Earth by the United Nations Organization to Combat Desertification and Drought in 2020 in South Korea for the development of an installation kit for orchards that help generate sustainable communities. She is the first Mexican to have won this award. Her talent, creativity, and passion have allowed her to represent Mexico, winning local, national, and international competitions since she was 14 years old. She has managed to represent Nuevo León nationally and Mexico internationally in panels and congresses where she always seeks to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the planet and acting to face change climate. She participated in the Expo-Ciencias Nuevo León 2018 contest, obtaining third place and earning national accreditation by the Institute for Innovation and Technology Transfer (I2T2) and CONACYT to represent its state Expo-Ciencias Nacional 2018 in Morelia, Michoacán with her project “Friendly kit for a home garden.” In turn, she was part of the organizing committee as an evaluator for Expo-Ciencias Nacional in Nuevo León 2019. Later she was selected as a speaker by the Academic Area of the National NETWORK of Youth Activities in Science and Technology as one of the best success stories from participating in the Winners Panel of Expo-Ciencias Nacional Sonora 2020, being an example for Mexican children and youth. In November 2020, she was selected as a speaker at TEDxUANLWomen 2020 for transmitting the power of women to be creators and generators of change, through the TEDx platform for the most extensive transfer of ideas internationally. In addition to her large number of recognitions, she is the CEO of “ECOBIORES”, an environmental biotechnology startup that generates degradable biomaterials, based on a circular economy system to replace plastics derived from petroleum. In February 2020 she managed to be recognized with the Sustainable Innovation Award, and in December 2020 with the BIOFASE Award, as one of the best high impact innovative ideas. In May 2021, she was part of the international magazine VICE to talk about water care, and she was selected as a finalist in the Woman Emprende 2021 contest, an event organized by Patricia Armendáriz – founder and director of Financiera Sustentable and Women Economic Forum – for her environmental venture Ecobiores.

Alondra was selected as a participant in the 2021 Voces Que Inspiran.