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Alba Rueda

2023 Fellow

Special Representative on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Argentina

alba rueda

Alba Rueda, the current Special Envoy on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity of Argentina, was the first Undersecretary of Diversity Policies of the Nation, at the founding moment of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity. During her function as Undersecretary of Diversity Policies, she promoted policies for the inclusion and integration of LGBTI+ people, coordinated actions for: strengthening access to health care; eradicating institutional and labor violence practices towards diversities; and promoting employment of the LGBTI+ population. Also she actively worked in the promotion and implementation of the Travesti Trans Labor Quota Law (Decree 721/20 and Law 27.636). Moreover, she worked twelve years in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, where she was in INADI, National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism and the National Secretariat of Human Rights. Alba Rueda is known as a trans activist who combines academic training with large experience in social activism. Furthermore she is one of the founders of Mujeres Trans Argentina (MTA) and member of Notitrans, the first trans magazine in the country.