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Agnes Igoye

2017 Fellow

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“I want the world to move from that point of knowledge to action. Traffickers are afraid when we unite in action. With our combined talents and resources, we can rid this world of slavery.”

Agnes Igoye grew up fearing the Lord’s Resistance Army. Young girls from her town were taken by the rebel group and forced into sexual slavery and combat. Agnes managed to flee, but the experience never left her. She made it her mission to help survivors recover and find justice.

Today she leads efforts to prevent human trafficking through Uganda’s national taskforce. Agnes also founded two initiatives for survivors of LRA abuse and human trafficking – Chains of Hope rehabilitates children and Huts for Peace helps women rebuild homes that were destroyed in conflict. Agnes believes there’s power in numbers: she’s busy taking her advocacy to the global level, urging people everywhere to join the movement to end human trafficking.