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Agata Bloswick

2022 Fellow


Agata Bloswick Headshot.jpg

Agata Bloswick founded aDaSie (“giv’Adam”) a grassroots organization that empowers the citizens of Krakow to improve public spaces in their local neighborhoods, eventually deepening the dialogue between citizens and local government and driving sustainability changes in the city. Past projects have included the creation of new parks, solar energy sources on school buildings, and urban regeneration projects like Adopt a Flowerpot, or social housing graffiti removal. 

Bloswick is the Global Head of the Site Readiness operations department in Labcorp Drug Development, and is responsible for a team of over 600 individuals in 60 countries delivering clinical trials and new therapies to patients in need. In past years, her operational leadership roles included managing a global portfolio of clinical trials. In 2020, she spearheaded the companys fast-track drug development program for COVID-19 clinical trials in the early stages of the global health crisis, for which she was awarded the Hero Award 

Bloswick holds a PhD in Pharmacology and Pharmacy from Jagiellonian University, and was a fellow at the Center for Leadership Program in partnership with the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. She has contributed to the field of bioethics, speaking at the conferences of UNESCO and the Yale University Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics.  

”As a visionary leader, I strive to elevate diverse voices, empower local changemakers, break down barriers to communication and cooperation, and build in all organizations a commitment to achieving results while upholding good values.”