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Adrianna Rudolph

2023 Fellow

Certified Motivational Coach, Shining Bright Consulting LLC

Adrianna Rudolph Resized
United States of America

Adrianna Rudolph is a community advocate and Motivational Life Coach serving as CEO of Shining Bright Consulting, LLC., a company dedicated to helping people fight through adversity to acquire the life they desire utilizing their spirituality, confidence, and relationships. She is driven to this work because of her genuine love for people. Through Shining Bright Consulting, LLC.’s community advocacy work they are addressing SDG 3, Good Health and Well-being. Specifically, they host community gathering events annually to bring awareness and support to different areas of a person’s life that can lead to substance abuse and suicide. Growing up in an urban community and seeing the results of those things taking over the lives of those around her gave her the firsthand experience needed to run the company. Her willingness to uplift those around her with her affectionate personality is one of a kind. Adrianna’s empowering words have led to speaking engagements, a self-published book called “New Horizon” and her new position as Adversity Advisory in a women’s group she has been a part of for many years. She is a Certified Life Coach with a Leadership Development Certificate from Temple University. Her values are honesty, trust, faith, grace, and truth. This list makes her unique coaching style desired by many. One of Adrianne’s favorite quotes is “always be a work in progress” by Emily Lillian.

What Adrianna can offer other fellows:

Adrianna can offer the other program participants encouragement, skills to help them become more motivated, and spiritual support.

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