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Adriana Selman

2023 Fellow

Director, The Coding Space Republica Dominicana

Adriana Selman
Dominican Republic

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic Adriana completed her bachelor degree in Secondary Science Education at McGill University in Montreal and a master’s degree in Instructional Technology and Media at Columbia University in New York. While studying in New York, Adriana became interested in the intersection between education and technology and started working at The Coding Space NY as a summer camp coding instructor. The mission of The Coding Space is to help kids develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through learning to code. Resonating with Adriana personally, she decided to license the curriculum and brand and returned to her home country of the Dominican Republic. There, she set up The Coding Space Dominican Republic, a business that she has been running since 2018. Adriana started as a solopreneur, being the sole teacher as well as the director, marketer, accountant and every role in between. Fueled by her passion to educate kids in her country where computer science education is still scarce, since 2018, Adrianahas grown the business from scratch to reach more than 200 students per week, with a team of 3 full-time teachers and 12 part-time teachers. In her spare time, she is a volunteer co-managing director of Girls in Tech DR, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping close the gender gap in technology and STEM.

What Adriana can offer other fellows:

Adriana enjoys creating efficient and automated systems and standardizing processes with the help of technology tools. Although not a professional designer, she is skilled at using tools like Canva to create visually attractive marketing materials and can share these skills with others.

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