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Aditi Joshi

2024 Fellow


Focus Areas


Aditi Joshi is co-founder of SuperNova, a health-tech startup designed to manage chronic conditions smartly with an assistive AI caregiver and smart plush toys. SuperNova bridges gaps in traditional healthcare by integrating Eastern and Western therapeutic modalities, offering personalized care plans and community support.

Aditi is also the founder of Speaking Grey, a non-profit that creates awareness and resources for student mental health. She holds an MBA from the University of Colorado Boulder and a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from India. With extensive experience in analytics, stakeholder engagement, and corporate social responsibility, she has been recognized with The Diana Award, the most prestigious award given to a young changemaker. She is also certified in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy and Social Entrepreneurship.

Living with fibromyalgia and as a global speaker on mental health, Aditi combines personal experience with professional expertise.

“As a visionary leader, I am committed to transforming healthcare by fostering innovation and building a compassionate community of support.”