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Adeyinka Tekenah

2021 Fellow

CEO, Happy Coffee

Adeyinka Tekenah
Lagos, Nigeria, Nigeria

Adeyinka is the CEO of Happy Coffee, a company that creates coffee centered solutions. Happy Coffee aims to reintroduce and reeducate Nigerians and Africans about the art of coffee drinking and provide access to African-grown coffee. They wish to liberate the coffee experience through their freshly roasted, wholly and locally grown Nigerian coffee beans. Happy Coffee has three locations and takes advantage of the untapped coffee value chain in Nigeria. Adeyinka is an advocate for the Nigerian Coffee industry and hopes more smallholder coffee farmers see their product reach customers within their communities. Happy Coffee also engages in an education and awareness campaign to teach Nigerians about coffee and its production. These campaigns have helped Nigerian coffee farmers become more autonomous and has inspired a new generation of budding coffee entrepreneurs. The Happy Coffee business model is one that employs Nigerian youth while empowering farmers and promoting social responsibility. Happy Coffee’s mission is to build Nigeria’s first indigenous, female-led coffee franchise for Nigeria and Africa.

Adeyinka has a Bachelors in Business Management and over 20 years of experience in sales. She is a member of the Tony Elemulu Foundation, the Fate Foundation, and the National Association for Coffee and Tea Farmers and is the convener of the Lagos Coffee Festival. Adeyinka is a fierce advocate for social and economic empowerment through coffee and has served as a mentor to several women in her community.

What Adeyinka hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Adeyinka is looking forward to hearing about experiences other women entrepreneurs have had from around the world. She hopes to build her network and build new alliances for the future.

What Adeyinka can offer other fellows:

Adeyinka can offer her expertise in sales and knowledge of the coffee industry to other fellows.

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