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This week, OneWorld Action is honoring women around the world who are working to bring positive and lasting change to their communities through their “One Hundred Women: Unseen Powerful Women Who Change the World” campaign. At Vital Voices, we have had the honor of working with extraordinary women leaders across Africa, and we put forth nominations for these deserving candidates. We are delighted to announce that a number of Vital Voices Global Leadership Network Members have been selected as Powerful Women Who are Changing the World, demonstrating their unwavering commitment and support of women in their countries, bringing critical issues to light and developing unique solutions to achieve change.

Please join us in congratulating these phenomenal women!

Congratulations to:

Dr Hawa Abdi
Where:  Somalia
What she does:  Runs a hospital
Impact: Provided medical services for displaced mothers and children fleeing civil war

Adelaide Foute Tega
Where: Cameroon
What she does: Leads a women’s market traders union, UCOMAS
Impact: Empowers women by teaching them the laws and regulations of the market, equipping them with the ability to defend their rights and developing further leadership skills

Mabel Kiggundu
Where: Uganda
What she does: Founder and managing consultant of Empowad Ltd; Board Member of the Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL)
Impact: Uses her expertise in business development and entrepreneurship to teach other Ugandan women how to develop their own businesses and gain access to much needed finance

Marceline Kongolo-BicĢ©
Where: Democratic Republic of Congo
What she does: Leads SOS Femmes en Dangers
Impact: In the face of ongoing atrocities and violence against women in her country, she works to rehabilitate rape victims, and empower women throughout Fizi Territory so that they may better know their rights, defend themselves, and rally together to demand that the voices of the thousands of women raped monthly be heard and addressed.

Maureen Ezeigbo
Where: Nigeria
What she does: Promotes women in management and business in Nigeria
Impact: Accelerates economic growth for women

Ms. Maureen Odoi
Where: Ghana
What she does: Founder of the African Aurora Business Network (AABN)
Impact: Accelerates economic growth for women

The final round of selections of the 100 Unseen Powerful Women Who Change the World is on their way, so keep an eye out for more Vital Voices Network women at OneWorld Action

Helah Robinson is a program coordinator for the Africa program.