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Yasmine Portrait

I volunteered to be one of the female trainers who have signed up to spread awareness about the breast cancer awareness program within the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry; in fact, I had been waiting for such opportunity to get to learn about it myself and to promote awareness among employees, family and friends.

I had a close and painful experience, as I watched my aunt suffer from breast cancer due to the lack of awareness and knowledge in a culture that awfully overlooks Breast Cancer to the extent that it does not even refer to it by name, but call it instead “the bad disease”.For all those reasons, she did not detect it at a fairly early stage, and so, they had to remove one breast, leaving her with a horrific disfigurement that will never heal or fade away.

When I picture the way she looks now, as the surgeons did not do a clean job either, I think that no human being deserves to go through this internal and external agony, which definitely ruins the injured woman’s self-esteem, if it does not take away her life.

I wanted to do my best at facing and battling this disease, that crawls on to women without alarm, by spreading the required awareness among people, which in my opinion, if it could save at least one life if not more, it would be a huge success.

I feel it is a heavy responsibility that few take so that many could enjoy a better & healthy life, and for me, I strived to be among those fortunate few who positively impact the life of others.

The first time I gave a presentation on Breast Cancer Awareness, I was terrified of the audience’s reaction; but I got greatly encouraged and inspired by them as some of the attendees started spreading the awareness & information they received at the coffee break with the caterers and waitresses; I was amazed!

From that time and through that particular and unique experience, I believed that if you empower women, you could indeed see miracles!