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The Vital Voices 2015 Annual Report is here!

Our efforts in 2015 were inspired by the 20th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. The work done at that historic gathering in 1995 paved the way for groundbreaking progress toward women’s full participation. Leaders from around the world came together to demand greater equality and more accountability, paving the way for a new generation of women leaders who would redefine what was possible for us all. Many of those women, however, operated behind the headlines. We often didn’t know their names, but they were there, working for peace.

Vital Voices exists for these women.

We find a woman with a daring vision, then we partner with her to make that vision a reality. Through long-term investments that expand her skills, connections and visibility, we accelerate her efforts. We work with leaders in three key areas: human rights, economic opportunity, and political and public leadership. We design programs that offer practical skills and services; we help leaders develop strategic plans, tell their stories, and reach new markets. We connect them with expert advisors for mentoring and collaboration. We share their perspectives and their work with the audiences they need to reach, and we mobilize communities online and offline to take action on critical issues. Together, these interventions increase capacity and opportunity, enabling a leader to realize her vision and improve not just her community, but the world beyond.

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If you would like a printed copy of our annual report, please contact Torey Styer at