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Fortune/State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership mentees left Washington for their mentorships on Thursday, May 3

My mentoring experience has gotten off to an exciting and busy start. I am based in New York City with three mentors from Johnson & Johnson. Today, we had lunch with two members of the Johnson & Johnson team and then I got to explore rooms filled with all of the Neutrogena products, subsidiary company of Johnson & Johnson. They handed me a large plastic bag and let me take samples of whatever I wanted! I made sure to stock up for my three weeks.  

In the evening, I went with Kim Kadlec, one of my other mentors, to the Annual Meeting, which included a dinner and reception and featured her on a panel. 

Monday meetings include talking with Ginger Sutton, VP publisher of Woman’s Day Brand Group,  and one-on-one time with one of my mentors, Ashley McEvoy.  

I cannot believe it is just my first full week here in New York. My mentors have dozens of other meetings lined up for the next 2å_ weeks that are sure to keep me busy. Then all the mentees are back together again in New York to reflect on our experiences and leave charged to continue this work in our own communities at home.



Daria Mejnartowicz is the Head of Business Development Department, Carolina Medical Center in Poland.

Mentors: Jennifer Taubert, Company Group Chairman, North American Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson; Kim Kadlec, Worldwide Vice President, Global Marketing Group, Johnson & Johnson; Ashley A. McEvoy, Worldwide President, Ethicon Products, Johnson & Johnson