Voices of Resilience: Yaneek Page on Supporting Small Business in Crisis

Voices of Resilience: A Conversation with Yaneek Page

April 2020 – VVGROW Fellow turned VV GROW trainer, entrepreneur and business expert Yaneek Page joined Alyse Nelson from Jamaica for Voices of Resilience to share her two-pronged approach to helping small businesses weather the storm and to talk about what the COVID-19 crisis is revealing about leadership.

Yaneek is the founder of Market Entry USA, a company that tries to bridge the gap for Caribbean enterprises and helps them expand outside of their country of origin to a Diaspora market. A certified trainer in entrepreneurship, she is the creator and executive producer of The Innovators business TV series – which promotes entrepreneurship and bring small businesses to scale. Yaneek is also the founder of Future Services Peace Foundation, which serves women in need to file for protective orders in the event of abuse and or lack of child support.

Yaneek offered perspective on COVID-19 from Jamaica, where the 35% of the economy that’s based on tourism has shut down. She’s been speaking with people and her clients about getting online quick, and the research she’s done of recessions across history show that we’re taking longer and longer to recover, so she discusses ways to build resilience in companies.

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