Whether they're working to make the laws keep their promise, crafting stories of the women we partner with or closing the economic gender gap, our team of passionate and creative women and men work tirelessly toward a future where gender equality is no longer a distant dream, it's a universal value.

Alvin Allgood

Chief Operating Officer

Madeleine Boyd

Development and Communications Assistant

Jaime Cordes

Program Coordinator, Human Rights, Europe & Eurasia

Zoe Dean-Smith

Vice President, Global Leadership Programs

Cindy Dyer

Vice President, Human Rights

Madeline Fetterly

Major Gifts Officer

Alejandra Garcia Diaz Villamil

Director, Monitoring & Evaluation

Shea Garrison

Program Manager, Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Ellen Gilbert

Program Coordinator, Global Leadership Programs

Melissa Graham

Senior Program Coordinator, Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Sophia Greve

Executive Office Coordinator

Jennifer Guzman

Program Coordinator, Human Rights

Nicole Hauspurg

Program Manager, Human Rights

Kelly Heller

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Innovation and Strategic Investments

Uma Iyer

Senior Director of Engagement

Marrayam Khera

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Lisa Leander

Program Manager, Economic Empowerment

Sarah Margaret Wentz

Program Assistant, Human Rights

Kristen McAvoy

Program Coordinator, Innovation and Strategic Investments

Margarita McFadden

Senior Program Coordinator, Innovation and Strategic Investments

Morgan Moeller

Human Rights Program Manager, Voices Against Violence

Alyse Nelson

President & CEO

Dalin Nhean

Program Coordinator, Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Katherine O’Hearn

Chief Development & Communications Officer

Rachel Pak

Program Assistant, Human Rights

Malini Patel

Vice President, Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Melineh Petrosyan

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Human Rights

Eugenia Podesta

Director, Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Gail Marlene Sasse

Manager, Human Resources

Emily Goodman

Program Manager, Global Programs

Jennifer Smith

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

Torey Styer

Development and Engagement Coordinator

Sarah Taylor

Program Coordinator, Global Leadership Programs

Shereen Tewfik

Program Manager, Global Leadership Programs

Shannon Tolleson

Office and Finance Coordinator

Sara Vandepeute

Vice President, Finance

Kristen Walling

Program Coordinator sub-Saharan Africa, Human Rights

Lauren Wollack

Senior Director, Innovation and Strategic Investments