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Tara Kazuko Ito Macdonald

Program Assistant

Global Network & Regional Engagement

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Tara is the Program Assistant focusing on Afghanistan Crisis Response at Vital Voices. She provides administrative, program, communications, and research support to assist the Global Network and Regional Engagement team in Albania and the VVHQ team supporting VV-sponsored Afghans awaiting pertinent resettlement.


Prior to joining Vital Voices, Tara supported an international education organization that supported, empowered, and connected people in the US and the MENA region. She holds a BA in Peace and Justice Studies from Tufts University and has worked as an intern at organizations focused on Cambodian human rights, Iraqi peacebuilding, environmental and democratic advocacy, and equity around outdoor recreation in the Boston Harbor. She is also interested in conflict studies and the intersection between visual art and resistance. Tara enjoys listening to audiobooks, creating ink and oil pastel/paint art, and embarking on outdoor adventures.


What would your autobiography be called?  When I was younger I would have called it: “The Tales and Trials of a Lazy, Overally Enthusiastic Blob this side of the Milky Way.