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Skevi Kambitis

Program Coordinator

Global Network & Regional Engagement


Skevi is the Program Coordinator for the Global Network & Regional Engagement team at Vital Voices, supporting the Ukraine and Sri Lanka programs within the Voices Against Violence (VAV) Initiative.  She provides regional expertise to support the management process of gender-based violence cases referred by partners.  She also assists with program planning/implementation and contributes to the management of sub-grantees.

Prior to joining Vital Voices, she worked at the United States of Institute of Peace within the Program for Nonviolent Action supporting their civil society networks across Latin America as part of the Synergizing Nonviolent Action and Peacebuilding project. Her duties ranged from translating content to increase language accessibility for local program participants, providing regional monitoring updates for security protocol planning, and assisting in workshops planning and implementation. Additionally, she graduated from American University with an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution and received two BAs from Virginia Commonwealth University in Political Science and International Social Justice.

What are five things people can ask you about? Water Governance, Indigenous Rights, Gundam model kit building, Fantasy Romance novels, Japanese Stationery