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Mayra Tenorio

Program Coordinator

Leadership & Social Impact


Mayra is the Program Coordinator for the Leadership & Social Impact team at Vital Voices. She supports the VV Visionaries Program in partnership with Estee Lauder, a signature program for emerging leaders who are redefining leadership and making an impact in their communities.
Prior to joining Vital Voices, she supported the design and implementation of global programs for emerging leaders and professionals in South Korea, including the Luce Scholars Program with the Asia Foundation and Ewha Womans University’s Global Empowerment Program (EGEP). Mayra has also designed and facilitated leadership curriculums to empower women and youth in four countries and brings a variety of international experience with gender-based violence prevention and women’s higher education. Mayra has an MPhil in Multidisciplinary Gender Studies from the University of Cambridge, where she was a Gates-Cambridge Scholar. She is also a recipient of the Luce Scholarship and Watson Fellowship.
What are five things that people can ask you about? International solo travel, Gilmore Girls, K-anything (Korean food/dramas/skincare), Figure Skating, Giant Pandas.