Yeshasvini Ramaswamy

Managing Director E2E People Practices Pvt Ltd


Yeshasvini is the Managing Director of e2e People Practices, a culture audit firm, specializing in Merger and Acquisitions. They have also successfully delivered programs / interventions pertaining to leadership development such as training workshops, coaching and performance management systems. Their clientele has been a combination of Fortune 100 companies, Educational Institutions, midsized firms and high growth start-ups. E2E People Practices are experts in culture and their analytical platforms provide real time insights into some of the crucial aspects on an MnA (Mergers & Acquisition) deal during Due Diligence and Integration. Their 8 year history in leadership development and diverse assignments have given them an edge in the area of strategy development. Each of their last 100+ HR Interventions have helped develop a thought process which always aligns Human Resource to the Business Mandate. In the next five years Yeshasvini hopes to become a market leader in the area of Culture Analytics in India and globally. They are committed to redefining the way due diligence is administered across the globe and have successfully identified the root cause for value erosion in MnA deals. They also have created a framework that includes large amounts of structured and unstructured diverse data into intelligent algorithms that will provide a sharp foresight into bringing down 83% failure of MnAs. Yeshasvini is also the Co-Founder and Chief of Business Strategy for K-Arogia Advisory Services Pvt Ltd, Director of WhiteCross Health Initiatives, Director of Samatvam, Committee Member of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment for Xsysys Technologies and a Member of the Global Advisory Board for iCreate. Her primary areas of expertise are business strategy, financial modeling and people management. She has received a Bachelors in Business Management from Bangalore University, Intermediate ICSI, PG of Entrepreneurship from the Indian Institute of Management, a Diploma in International trade from Northern Melbourne University, Psychometric Assessor from Thomas International, PCMM from Carnegie Mellon University and is a Young Future Leader for the Global Institute for Tomorrow.

What Yeshasvini hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Yeshasvini is hoping to learn personal branding and marketing for international markets.

What Yeshasvini can offer other fellows: She can offer her knowledge in business modeling, human resource management and financial ratios.

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Yeshasvini was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.