Sabrina Gillman-Basave

Senior Director, Human Rights

Sabrina Gillman-Basave is a Senior Director on the Human Rights team, primarily overseeing efforts as part of the Voices Against Violence Initiative to end gender-based violence in the Latin American and the Caribbean regions. She also oversees and supports key efforts in partnership with organizations like Uber and  AirBnB. 

Prior to Vital Voices, she directed a social justice service corps here in Washington, DC which placed recent college graduates into local community-based organizations, while providing mentorship and facilitating weekly programs focused on addressing and deconstructing racism, poverty and other types of injustice in DC.

Before moving to DC, Sabrina worked in Central America and the Caribbean for eight years in international development, social justice and experiential learning organization called Bridges to Community. Sabrina served as Country Director in the Dominican Republic and began the new country program on the Haitian border of the D.R. There, she began service learning programs in which North Americans, Dominicans and Haitians worked collaboratively on projects addressing issues such as poverty, environmental justice, access to educational opportunities, food security, prejudice and privilege in a Dominican and North American context. This was modeled after a similar program in Nicaragua, in which Sabrina had also worked for three years.

Sabrina completed a dual Master’s degree in Sustainable Development and Natural Resources at American University and has a B.A. in Political Science and Spanish from Western Washington University. This Xicana is originally from Seattle and enjoys PNW things like coffee, wine, chocolate, music and water/ mountain related sports.


What are five things people can ask you about?

  1. The best Mexican food in the DMV (because most of it is TERRIBLE)
  2. Live music venues (and I’ll probably go with you)
  3. Your dinner party menu (especially for Passover and Thankstaking)
  4. Your Seattle vacation itinerary
  5. Where to go salsa, bachata or merengue dancing Monday-Sunday (Yes, there is a place you can go EVERY NIGHT in the DMV)