Pranati Bagchi

Founder and CEO, The Lavender Spaceship Project

Singapore, Singapore

Pranati is the Founder and CEO of the Lavender Spaceship Project, an online STEM learning platform for young girls. Their vision is to create a generation of STEM ready girls and help reduce the gender gap in the field. With their online platform, The Lavender Spaceship Project offers girls ages 7-16 personalized classes based on age, level of exposure and areas of interest. Their curriculum covers coding, robotics, digital design and engineering. The platform also connects girls to women role models in STEM in order to build their interest and instill confidence. In addition to these programs, the Lavender Spaceship Project collaborates with corporations and non-profit organizations that aim to democratize STEM education and help reduce the gender gap in STEM fields. Pranati is experienced in curriculum design, education technology, primary school education, and business planning and operations. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, a Master of Science in Mathematics from HNB Garhwal University, and a Master of Education in Elementary Education from Rutgers University. She serves as a Board Member and Lead for Youth Initiatives for the Singapore chapter of Girls in Tech, and is involved in United Women Singapore.

What Pranati hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:
Pranati is eager to connect with other women entrepreneurs and expand her global network. She is looking forward to learning and drawing inspiration from other fellow’s experiences. Pranati is also planning to expand her business to the United States, and would appreciate any advice, resources or network access.

What Pranati can offer other fellows:
Pranti can offer guidance to entrepreneurs looking to establish education-focused, mission-driven companies. She is also passionate about sharing her life experiences and learnings with other female entrepreneurs.

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