María Florencia Polcaro Infanzón

Chief Operating Officer, Big Cheese

Montevideo, Uruguay

About Florencia

Florencia is the Chief Operating Officer of Big Cheese, a software company based in Montevideo. Big Cheese offers tailored IT solutions to their clients including software solutions in different technologies, apps development, management systems development, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) development and system integrations. They also provide DevOps and infrastructure and performance consultancy services. They differentiate themselves from other software firms by their constant goal of solving problems, addressing all the technology needs their customers face. Additionally, the Big Cheese offers everything from app development, training in software development, maintenance of systems, and customized systems development and places unique value in the trust they have established with their customers, building long-term relationships. Each member of the Big Cheese team is a problem solver that offers their customers a unique experience that makes them fall in love. Florencia is also a university professor at the University of the Republic (UdelaR) and serves on the advisory board of the Uruguayan chapter of Girls In Tech. She holds a Computer Analyst and Computer Engineering degree from UdelaR.


What Florencia hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Florencia is a self-taught business owner and is looking forward to receiving more formal business skills training. In particular, she wants to learn more about business management. She would also like to have more tools for financial planning and to give her business more visibility abroad.


What Florencia can offer other fellows:

Florencia would love to share her experience and the skills that have gotten her to where she is now. She can provide technical advice to other entrepreneurs and is a great listener and would like to hear others’ stories.


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Instagram (personal): @flopolcaro

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Twitter (business): @BigCheeseUY

Twitter (personal): @fpolcaro